Introduction of the 13th WCIC
|Greeting of Mr. Kanetake Nakatani|
(Chairman of the Executive Committee of the13th WCIC)

Japan Foundry Society, Inc.
Kanetake Nakatani
The 13th World Conference on Investment Casting is the first world conference held in Asia and is also to be co-hosted by Japan Foundry Society Inc. (JFS), European Investment Castersf Federation society (EICF), Investment Casting Institute (ICI), and Cast Metals Federation (cmf) on Sunday, 15th through Wednesday, 18th in April, 2012.The first conference held in the district in Asia is composed as follows.

(1) Conference
We hope that this conference will receive many participants that are the maker, the supplier and the end user interesting and concerning to the investment casting all over the world, and it is scheduled to about 35 lectures which are concerning the latest investment casting a variety of "Innovation from Asia" as a concept of this conference. The Rolls-Royce plc. in Europe, the Pratt & Whitney the United States, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. in Japan have been almost decided to lecture.

(2) Plant tour in Japan & China
Moreover, we make the schedule of the plant tours of some investment casting makers and users such as the Hitachi Metals Precision Ltd., Daido Castings Co., Ltd., and Nabtesco Corporation. and some companies. And, with the cooperation of the China Foundry Association, the plant tour of the latest investment casting companies such as Taizhou JinDing Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. (Taizhou City, China) and Wuxi Impro Metal-Tech Co. Ltd. (Wuxi, Jiangsu, China) is scheduled.

(3) Exhibition
In addition, a lot of related societies and organizations including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (requesting now) and Japanese Foundry Engineering Society and the Materials Process Technology Center are backed up, and "the Global Investment Casting Exhibition" is held in the ANNEX Hall that is adjacent according to this 13th WCIC.

The maker, the supplier, and each end user company that this exhibition relates to an investment casting all over the world, exhibit concerning the latest investment casting. The number of exhibition booths schedules 95 (Max.).

About 400 people are scheduled to participate of Japan, Asian districts, and Europe and America by such an activity including the person related to the investment casting industry and the end user. We hope you participate to the plenary session and the exhibition.
gInnovation from Asiah

Now, Asia has come to produce about 60 percent of the casting production in the world, and becomes the third pole of the world with the Americas and Europe.
In addition, Asia is greatly growing up to the foundry in the world further and faces the transition stage from the amount to the quality at the same time.

Under such a situation, we make a concept as " Innovation from Asia", hold the World Conference on Investment Casting (WCIC) that is a state-of-the-art casting technology conference in Asia for the first time, and transmit a new innovative and attractive information for investment casting from Asia to the rest of the world.
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